The Madden Julian Oscillation and the Maritime Continent: A Perfect Storm


Scientific visualisation based on simulations run with the Weather Research and Forecasting model, with inputs from the ERA-Interim Reanalysis and the Real-time Global Sea Surface Temperature analysis for the period December 2008 – February 2009.

This video is the product of a collaboration between Dr Claire Vincent from the University of Melbourne and the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence in Climate System Science and Drew Whitehouse from the NCI Australia VizLab. NCI Australia provided the supercomputing, data storage, data management and visualisation expertise that Dr Vincent needed to run her large scale climate models. Her focus on the Maritime Continent region produced rich, valuable data that could be turned into this striking and scientifically accurate visualisation. The video format makes it easy to highlight certain elements of the modelling and showcase the level of detail that the models produce.




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