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My work centers on my attempt to pay attention to signage in the natural world.

Through mark making, I am attempting to capture singular instances of temporary phenomena, consciously and unconsciously transcribing patterns.  I research and study murmurations, swarms and flocks and attempt to mimic the movements and flow through meticulous and labored marks. I have named my most recent collection of paintings Prodromes in relation to an internal, social, structural and organizational system of signage and warnings.

Through painting and drawing, I am attempting to capture these instances of signs as symptoms: fleeting, a speck, a circumstance, a neural, biological, philosophical, sensory occasion. Parts of images are sacrificed to the whole. It is this — what is possible and what must be destroyed– that has led me to research visually and intellectually this phenomenon in the natural world. Through readings and self study of microbiology, nanotechnology, physics and diseases I am trying to recreate the poetry of science. My work reflects my desire for absolutes and claims none — as art can do while trying to embody the truths in the mysteries of science. For me, knowledge is always asking additional questions.



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