Antarctic Sea Ice Platelet Family 01

Antarctic Sea Ice Platelet Family 01 is part of a body of work developed from an art and science collaborative research project. In 2015 and 2016, O’Connor spent several weeks in Antarctica working in a shipping container laboratory on four-metre thick sea ice over 500 m deep McMurdo Sound, 60 km from Scott Base.  As an interdisciplinary researcher, O’Connor made art, collected measurement data, and documented the activities of K13, a NZ oceanography team. The sea-ice platelets depicted are the product of sub zero fresh water entering the marine space and flash freezing into ice crystals. The range in size from 10mm x .05 mm thick to the size of a dinner plate and the rough texture that they add to the underside of the sea ice effects the way the ocean mixes. This is part of a long-term art+science collaboration looking at the intersections between the two disciplines.




Image exhibits > Geoscience Card Catalogue, Mika McKinnon


Image exhibits > The price of the age, Jason O’Hara