The price of the age

A diptych constructed of images taken in and near the historic hut at Cape Evans in Antarctica. On the left is a detail of the scientific equipment within the hut and the right-hand image captures the nearby memorial cross.

The hut is best known for Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s British Antarctic (Terra Nova) Expedition 1910–1913 which ended with his fatal attempt for the South Pole. It was also used by the support team for Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition in 1915. The cross on the nearby Wind Vane Hill marks the deaths of three members of that 1915 team and serves as a chilling reminder of the price so often paid in the name of science during the so-called “heroic age”.




Image exhibits > Antarctic Sea Ice Platelet Family 01, Gabby O’Connor


Image exhibits > Mapping the Universe, Catherine Pape