Tolleraceae Terra pervertere

The Adaptation/Mutation series explores imagined ecological adaptations in the age of the Anthropocene; juxtaposing futurist ideas of natural evolution with human imposed organic-hybrid modifications to facilitate species survival beyond the current epoch. Placing fungi in the role of protagonist, the work reflects on possible future ecological adaptations and interventions within the natural world to remedy environmental damage.   

Tolleraceae Terra pervertere forms part of a series of imagined portraits that depict a group of biological hybrid organisms (both plant and fungi) that have naturally adapted to suit new environmental conditions, whilst also proving beneficial to alleviate some of human-kind errors such as water acidity, waste and air pollution. The work was created as part of a collaborative project that explored dialogues between academic research and the creative imagination, see: Issue 52 (pdf). 




Image exhibits > The Hydrological Cycle, Rikke Darling


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